ANSII is a free internet workplace in Antwerp, just like ASCII in Amsterdam and PUSCII in Utrecht.
ANSII (Antwerp New Subversive Internet Initiative) is the place where you can use several computers to go on the internet, at no charge. We do this as an alternative for people who don't have internet at home, and can not affort it to use the computer facillities at other, expensive internet cafe's in the city. ANSII is non-profit. We live from gifts, both financial (by donating a frank or two in the donation mug) and material (old hardware which you never used anyway can be brought to ANSII - we might be able to do something with it). We survive by not using the latest most expensive equiptment, and not using expensive software that mostly is bad software too. Instead, we use computers which we usually build ourselfs (using the hardware other people donate), and we only use free software, such as Linux. We believe that the information that can be found on the internet, should be available for everybody, not only people who have enough money for it.
You can contact ANSII by sending mail to ansii@squat...net.